Punching Bag with Stand for Adults & Kids, Adjustable Height Stand, Great for Exercise and Fitness

  • Free Standing Punching Bag : Speed punching Bag exercise your coordination and reaction velocity. Not only exercises arm muscles but also lose weight, shape your perfect line with long-term training. vent and release the tension after a whole day's work.
  • Quality Material Boxing Ball : The sphere is made of high-molecular polyurethane soft sponge solid ball design, resilient PU leather ball surface is very comfortable, durable and has a strong sense of impact. With heavy-duty steel springs, it can rebound quickly and forcefully. Moisture-proof and anti-rust, stable and sturdy.
  • Stable Base :The base is durable and can be filled with large capacity inside. It can fill sand and water into it, increase the weight, and it is not easy to dump when used. It is safe and stable. Stand up to 154lbs without deformation.
  • Portable and Adjustable : Adjustable height from 53.5 to 60.6 inches suit for adult and child boxer fans. It has a very small footprint and can be placed in a corner or balcony when not in use. Fitness person and child's exercise equipment.

 Punching Bag

  • Adjustable freestanding reflex bag Kit Patent is outstanding when compared to similar products.
  • The adjustable speed of response is more suitable for hand-eye coordination, such as combat defense training.
  • Lightweight with the height adjustable design brings more fun to your training.




Mozace adjustable reflex punching bag using solid ball, Soft sponge solid ball design, resilient PU leather ball surface.it will take you some especially feeling when you train.



Connect solid ball and support frame using double screw. Tested by rigorously being bent to the same point over 120,000 times without any issue.



Base can be filled with sand or water for maximum stability, Base Size: 48 x 20cm/ 18.7 x 7.8inch (D x H)



In the past few years, people have been under great pressure to work, people become unhappy, depressed about life day by day. Somebody suicide by jumping off a building to ending the terrible life. But today is especially day, Ancheer adjustable reflex punching bag help people get rid of the terrible life, one day , you are unhappy, you are depressed about your life, come on , put on your gloves, just do it, hit the reflex punching bag, hit the terrible life, you can be better, you can be stronger!!

Package content :

1 x Punching Ball

1 x Standbox

1 x Installation Instruction

Specifications :

Color : Black

Material : Faux Leather

Package Dimensions : 24.17 x 19.29 x 7.87 inches

Item weight : 11.02 Pounds