Plant grow LED light lamps for indoor plants seedlings full spectrum led grow light

  • Higher Yield and Light Efficiency : full-spectrum LED grow lamp uses upgraded 10-watt dual-chip LEDs, which can replace the traditional 1000-watt HPS/MH, while only consuming 100 watts of power, ensuring up to 98% light utilization. Using it, the output will increase by 20%-40%. These LED lights are brighter and more efficient, and are suitable for various indoor plants such as vegetables, flowers, succulents, and herbs.
  • Double Switch : Plant growing lamps for plants in different growth stages, we designed VEG and BLOOM buttons for this LED grow light. VEG switch: For seeding or young vegetative growth. BLOOM switch: For flowering, you can use both Veg and Bloom switches.
  • Daisy Chain Function : The daisy chain function can help growers connect multiple lights together. Each package includes an American power cord, which has the dual functions of a power plug and a daisy chain cable. No additional wires are needed, just plug the provided power cord into the socket of the second lamp to connect between multiple units. To ensure safety, you can link up to 3 lights.
  • Advanced and Efficient Cooling System : Grow lights for indoor plants have two built-in high-speed silent cooling fans, an upgraded aluminum radiator, and a temperature controller, forming a powerful cooling system. Even when working for a long time, the LED grow light can be kept below 60°Ft. Good heat dissipation ensures the long life of the grow lamp.




There are three kinds of advantages with our LED growing lamp:

1. High PPFD rating with our grow light;

2. Ririd aging testing management;

3. A strong driver with a sensor to cut off electricity when it's too hot.

Could Be Daisy Chain Connection

  • 1000W LED grow light gives the option with three pieces of light Daisy Chain connection.
  • The AC Cord with the plug inside the package has two kinds of usage. It can be either plug into a standard AC outlet or plug into the Daisy Chain outlet of another piece of LED grow lamp, which makes you plant the flowers and fruits much easier.


Stainless Connection Wires Hanging up with Lifting Pulley

  • The LED Grow lighting has a stainless connection wire to connect with the lamp directly, which makes it easier to hang up the light.
  • Except for the stainless wires, LED Grow lamp also provides a lifting pulley with a wire to help you adjust the height of the light. Because different growing stages of the plants need the lights to keep different distance between the lamp and the plants.


Strong Cooling System Greatly Reduced the Temperature and extend lifespan to 50,000Hours

  • They are two pieces strong cooling fan which could keep the working environment has a proper temperature for the lamp.
  • The lower working temperature of the LED Growing Light could keep the LED Light and the driver have a much better working environment, and it could keep the light have a much longer lifespan --- nearly 50,000 hours.



Different Wavelength Has Totally Different Planting Result

380nm-410nm: Absorb Chlorophyll and carotenoid, helps Budding

660nm: Absorb chlorophyll and helps Flowering

710nm: It's a hyper red light, which greatly stimulates the elongation of plant cells, and helps Budding & Flowering


Specifications :

Product dimensions : 12.3 x 2.6 x 8.7 inches

Item weight : 4.74 pounds