Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door - Fits Doors Bug, Fly, and Mosquito Net for Doors (Black)

  • Great Quality : This mesh screen door is designed with long-lasting performance in mind. The upgraded magnetic screen door is featuring a high-density mesh curtain, stronger magnets with gravity sticks, and a complete assembly kit out of the box.
  • Multi-Function : Screen door curtains without affecting the entry of light and air, the buzzing in your ears will disappear.
  • Easy to Install : This magic door screen installs and uninstalls in just minutes. You can remove the mesh curtain anytime you want. It makes your life more comfortable and easier.
  • Magnetic Curtain Size : The mesh screen door Curtain is 38 x 83 inches- Please measure your door size before purchase.
  • Kids and Pets Friendly : The design is based on no noise, mesh door screen with magnets and magnetic seals, which means they can close more quickly, quieter and closer. The kids and pets can run in and out without slamming.


magnetic screen door


Automatic open and close, free your hands.

Ā Super durable mesh, no breaks.Super strong attraction magnets construction, no gaps.

Ā Strong reinforced hook and loop with the full frame, avoid falling.

Carefully remove the backing tape from the top and stick to the door frame.Ā 

The magnetic screen door has dense grid only 0.059in, making boring objects not enter the house, at the same time, you can still enjoy a cool breeze and sunlight .

The mesh screen door is lightweight, allowing children and pets to go inside and outside of the house freely.


Please measure your door and door frame first before order, Don't buy the one which is smaller than your door frame.

Please make sure the center of the top mesh slightly higher than two sides. It is better to hang the screen to the floor. Don't let too much or less screen to the floor, it will impact the effect of closing.

Please read instructions before installation, it will help you install magnetic screen doors correctly.


Ā Magnetic Screen Door 36 x 96

Package includes:

1x mesh screen door

1x a roll of velcro

1x push pin

1x installation instructions


Magnetic screen door size : 100cm*210cm

Color : BlackĀ 

Material : Mesh

Item weigh : 0.65 Pounds