Car vacuum cleaner handheld vacuum cordless handheld vacuum mini vacuum handheld vacuum cleaner cordless

  • CORDLESS & PORTABLE: This portable car vacuum is cord-free and hassle-free which gives you more convenience to your cleaning work. The lightweight and cordless design of this hand vac help free your movement everywhere for cleaning your stairs, kitchen, car, or hard-to-reach corners.
  • SUPER LONG RUNNING TIME: Ccar vacuum cleaner quipped by a 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and quick charge tech, a Handheld vacuum cleaner delivers up to 20-25 minutes of continuous run time after 2-3 hours full charge. It can meet the need for deep cleaning dust from your kitchen, living room to the bedroom.
  • DEEP CLEANING: This small vacuum cleaner cordless can help you to do all-around cleaning with a powerful motor and long Lithium battery life. The portable vacuum cleaner cleans dust, crumbs, pet hair from carpets, kitchen, living room, and offices with outstanding performance.
  • PROFESSIONAL ATTACHMENTS: This handheld cordless vacuum is equipped with 2 different attachments to better meet your cleaning needs. The brush tool can loosen hair and dust which is stuck in objects for better cleaning. The crevice nozzle tool can be used to clean sofas, crevices, and corners.


Handheld Vacumms small vacuum cleaner

1. Dust cup

2. HEPA Filter

3. Dust cup release button

4. Power button

5. Comfort handle

6. Hose

7. Suction nozzle

8. Connector

9. Brush



Product Parameter:

1. working voltage:All

2. Production function: Dust absorption, water washing, other

3. Product power: 120W

Handheld Vacuum Cordless Powered by Li-ion Battery Rechargeable Quick Charge Tech Waterwashable Steel Filter with Powerful Cyclonic Suction

User Instruction:

1. Ensure that the portable car vacuums have electricity.

2. Open the handheld vacuums switch "ON" key, you can start to work;

3.According to the need to clean the dust on different occasions, the replacement of different suction mouth, the better effect;

4.There is a filter cover fixed switch in front of the power switch, and the front cover can be disassembled to clean the filter net.

5.When the rechargeable battery is charged, the USB lamp shows red for normal charge and green is full.

6.The charging time is about three to four hours, full of about 20 minutes of sustainable use.

7.If the motor appears fast and slow alarm, this is because the battery is not charged in time to charge.




1. when the vacuum cleaner does not work, please check to see if there is enough electricity.

2. This small vacuum cleaner is charged with the USB charging line of distribution, or it is charged with an AC 100 ~ 240V lithium battery charger.

3.The vacuum cleaner cannot continue to use for more than 20 minutes, otherwise, it will burn out the motor easily.

4.It is necessary to clean the filter net in time, otherwise it will affect the effect or dust absorption.

5.Forbidden to expose to the sun, and it should be placed in the dark place after use;

6.This product is dry and wet dual-purpose, when water absorption, please pay attention to timely open the front cover drainage;

7, the use of this vacuum cleaner can not be inhaled, such as the burning of the cigarette.


Specifications :

Package dimensions : 13.98 x 5.04 x 4.09 inches
Item weight : 1.54 pounds
Batteries : 2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)