Floor Mats Custom fit for SUV Van & Truck Sedan Sport Coupe for Car Mats,Waterproof Durable Luxury Leather Carpet Full Set

  • Material composition : the first layer of floor mat special leather (environmental protection, no smell, scratch resistance and wear resistance), the second layer of high-density sponge (8MM polyester sponge), the third layer of non-woven fabric (polypropylene resin), the fourth layer Five kinds of materials, such as a rebound sponge (shock-absorbing comfort) and a fifth-layer pawl anti-skid base fabric (slip resistant and not shifted), are made together.
  • Product features : Can be customized for 99% of the cars, fully enclosed, tightly fit, healthy material, no odor, high elasticity and softness, non-slip and wear-resistant, easy to wash and dry. It does not affect the normal use of the accelerator brake, and does not affect the movement of the seat back and forth. The more user-friendly design does not affect the use of original car functions.
  • The anti-slip bottom :¬†helps the carpet adhere firmly to the floor.
  • XPE plastic coating :¬†helps increase durability, smoothness for the product.
  • Synthetic non-woven fabric :¬†helps to increase smoothness and heat compression.
  • High density foam layer :¬†helps carpets to have high elasticity, increasing sound insulation.
  • High-grade leather on top :¬†scratch-resistant, water resistant, fire resistance, stain repellent, shock and sound absorbent.
  • ¬†Quick and easy to install.
  • ¬†Stress free cleaning.
  • ¬†Waterproof and scratch resistant.
  • ¬†Luxurious looking




  • Remove the old floor mats from the vehicle before laying down your custom-made mats.
  • We advise you to begin installation from the driver side of the vehicle.
  • You can identify the appropriate mat for the driver's side by examining the heel grip.
  • Next, adjust the driver's seat all the way back and slide the mat into place.
  • Then slide the built-in clips along the sides to fully secure the mats in place.
  • Repeat the same steps with the passenger side mat.


    • Adjust the drivers and passenger seat all the way forward to install the back-row mats.
    • Place the mats across the floor, and they should slide just right in.
    • Lastly, add the built-in clips wherever they're needed to fully secure the mats in place.
    • Every set of mat comes with a collection of built-in clips. However, it's not essential to use them all.
    • Now the installation of your new custom-made car mats is complete.




      • Material: Premium Leather
      • Color: Black with White or Black with Red¬†
      • Net weight: about 650g
      • Size: Front 29" X 18" , Back 14" X 18"
      • Quantity: 4 Mats (2 front, 2 back)