Baseball bag softball backpack Baseball Bat Bag Backpack for Baseball

  • Water-Resistant Polyester Oxford
  • STAY GAME READY WITH ALL YOUR GEAR IN ONE PLACE. PERFECT FOR EVERYONE FROM YOUTH TO ADULT : Designed with room for all your baseball gear, each bag stores two bats, a baseball helmet, batting gloves, cleats, baseball cap, and catching glove. Don't settle for a bag that can't even fit your baseball helmet
  • BREATHABLE COMFORT TO MAKE CARRYING EASY AND VENTILATION TO KEEP THE STINK OUT : Each adjustable sports softball backpack boasts padded shoulder straps and lumbar protection, as well as built-in ventilation for cooling comfort
  • IMPROVED STORAGE : Along with a large main storage compartment, the Mozace  baseball and bat bag have extra pockets to hold keys, smartphones, wallets and more.
  • CONVENIENT ACCESSIBILITY : Bags also feature an integrated fence hook for the dugout, a front bungee cord to quickly store hats or gloves, and a vented shoe compartment
  • RUGGED DURABILITY THAT WILL LAST FOR YEARS : Crafted with high-density 600 Denier Oxford fabric and polyester, our baseball bat bag withstands practice, tournaments, and night games. 

All-in-One Baseball Equipment Bag

Designed to accommodate players of all ages, this baseball equipment backpack lets baseball, softball and tee-ball players easily carry all of their gear in one bag. From baseball bats, gloves, and helmets to cleats and water bottles, this equipment backpack is designed to conveniently carry everything a player needs for a baseball game. Backpack size: 19.5" Height X 13" Width X 8.5" Depth

Beyond its storage capacity, this baseball backpack is designed with padded, adjustable straps for a comfortable, ergonomic fit when walking or cycling. Made with durable polyester and nylon fabric, this baseball bag is rugged enough to withstand rain, mud, and dirt, allowing players to haul their gear in all weather conditions and outdoor environments. The ventilated back and pockets allow for exceptional airflow, keeping players comfortable and preventing odors caused by sweat and dirt. Great for competitive and recreational players alike, this baseball pack is designed to make storage and transportation simple and convenient.


Get yours today and keep all your most important baseball equipment neatly organized in one, durable carryall—your own travel-friendly baseball bag.

With a variety of sporting goods and custom gear for various physical activities, Mozace  is comprised of athletes working to create more efficient sporting equipment. Designed with athletes in mind,Mozace understands the challenges that athletes have with traditional gear. We are constantly working to innovate and adapt sports gear to create new and exciting products tailor-made for recreational and competitive athletes of all ages. Featuring modern designs and custom creations, Mozace is dedicated to making the world of sports equipment more convenient for players, leaving more time for the game.

Designed with Maximum Storage Capacity

Made for maximum storage capacity, this baseball backpack holds a helmet, glove, batting gloves, cap, and more. Featuring two side pockets for baseball bats or water bottles, this bag is designed to carry all of your gear comfortably and conveniently without feeling bulky. The bag also contains an isolated, vented shoe compartment to store cleats without getting mud or dirt on the rest of your gear or having to deal with shoe odor.



Durable Fabric for All Environments

Made with 600 Denier polyester, this backpack is designed to withstand dirt, rain, and mud, keeping your gear game-ready.


Adjustable Straps for Added Comfort

Designed with two adjustable, padded shoulder straps, offering superior ergonomic support and lumbar protection.



Added Features for Extra Convenience

This bag comes complete with a fence hook and bungee cords for additional convenience and storage.


Specifications :

Size : 33x21.6x49.5cm

Material : Polyester

Feature : Waterproof, foldable, lightweight

Usage : baseball equipment, helmet, glove, shoes storage